Happiness is

Putting on those jeans that were always uncomfortably tight and having them FIT!!! :woot:

Congratulations! I’ve been there and that is an awesome feeling!

Thanks Jan :slight_smile: I finally signed up for Sparkpeople.com because I remembered your post a long time ago.

Congratulations !!
I have the opposite problem…my pants are a bit tight these day. I’ve been finding every excuse under the sun to NOT use my elliptical and we’ve had lots of company so been making lots of yummy food and eating out too much.

Is there something I’m missing about sparkpeople? I’ve tried it 2 different times and I just can’t stick with it. I feel like it takes way too much time for me to search for and input all the food I eat and beverages I drink in a day, let along my exercise.
Congrats again on the weight loss… Guess I’ll go visit my elliptical now

It does take time at first, but after awhile you have input all your own special foods and it’s easier. You can group foods you always make the same way, too. Like a sandwich for instance - you can put your bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo, etc and then when you eat it you can just select that sandwich and not each thing.

:woohoo: !:cheering:

Way to go, evona, congrats!

woohoo!! don’tcha love it?!

high five to that! losing weight is really hard! well done!

for me, happiness is… when you have that first heavenly sip of an amazing coffee on a day when you really, really need it!

Yeah - I was there too. Lots of events, etc and just life seemingly getting in the way of eating well and exercise. Funny thing is that before Sparkpeople I kinda thought I was eating ok. It took logging my food to really see how I was eating and how much everything really cost calorie or fat wise. It does take a while, but I have most of my usual things in now so its getting a lot easier.

Oh yeah!! As a coffee snob I can totally relate :thumbsup:

Great Job Evona!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: