Hansigurumi Octopus!

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]This little guy is from Hansigurumi on Etsy. Great patterns! I started and finished him in just a couple of days.

I did get off on my short rows and my increases have a few holes… but I really prefered a few flaws for character anyhow.

I named him Octi Di Gras because of his color pallet.


Great JOB :thumbsup:

Wow thats great and that little fellow is very interested!!

Looks fantastic. Well done:)

:teehee: Cute!

Cute! great job!

Awwwww cute:)

:teehee: I love how the cute furbaby is looking at it… Great job!!

That little octopus is adorable! I might have to knit one for The Kate as she is very fond of octopi and other sea creatures.

Now that is cute!!

That’s a very cute octopus!

That is too cute!! Puppy looks very happy with his new 8 legged friend!! Did you get the pattern for the Horned Owl, too!! Those look really cute!!

how cute!! your puppy is adorable also!!

I did. My mom has always loved owls, so I picked that one for her. I got the octopus, the owl, the squid, the seahorse, and the elephant. I’m sure I’ll be buying her other patterns next time I get paid.

That is the coolest knitted octopus I have ever seen. He has more the shape of a real octopus, and neat legs. Great!!

too cute!

That is just the cutest thing! Great job.

Cute pattern. Great job! :thumbsup:



That is the cutest little Octi!!! Great job, I love the colors!