Hanks compared to skeins

I am use to working with skeins. Mostly I am use to working with acrylics.

I now have a few hanks of yarn. The first one I tried knitting with (in November) became a huge tangled mess. I have 6 hanks of sock weight yarns from Knit Picks. For Christmas I got undyed, natural color, homespun, 100% alpaca in 2 colors: tweed and a soft cocoa brown. In the New Years Swap I got 3 hanks of Noro Blossom yarns.

I don’t have yarn winders or anything.

How do I do this please? I really don’t want to ruin the hanks I have just because I haven’t dealt with them until very recently.


That should help :thumbsup:

I hang my hanks over the arm of the sofa a little spread out, and start winding into a ball. Or you can use the back of a wooden chair, anything where you can open up the circle and pull from it easily.

I don’t own a nostepinne or swift, so when I do need to create a center pull skein I usually either follow the instructions that Amy explained (http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips) just scroll down to the end of the page it is the second to last video or a method explained at this web site: http://www.mamaliz.org/blogs/elkaknits/archives/2005/04/yarn_warning_lo.html (which may take a while to load since it is picture intensive), this technique is also shown in Jacqueline Fee’s sweater making book. You may also want to take a look at these other web sites:


some people also use pencils or other stick forms to aid them instead of their hands to wind skeins. HTH.

Okay… I tried … using my feet… my legs cramped up so badly I dropped the yarn in a puddle by mistake trying to remove it from my feet so I could bend my knees.

I tried the chair idea… only we don’t have wooden back chairs… and the rivets on the antique chairs we do own split my yarn and broke it.

This isn’t working.
I don’t have someone to “help”.

Right now my husband is so busy with church related issues (he is council president in a pastorless church) that he hardly has time to wolf down food between work and a million meetings.

Does anyone have any other suggestions??

One skein is a tangled mess… the other is now wound into 1 large and 5 small balls… urg.

This is like a nightmare.

This may sound a little silly (odd), but how about once you untwist/unwind/unfold the hanks of yarn you have you let it hang from a door knob or hook, release a length of yarn from the now open hank and create your cakes or balls that way. Usually, I have the opened yarn resting next to me on the couch, I do not use the backs of chairs or my legs.

I can try a door knob. We have a couple ancient ones that are very deep, the yarn isn’t likely to just slide off.

At this point, anything that might work doesn’t sound “silly”. I just want to knit something for me for a change… and this yarn is beautiful and bright instead of all the drabby earth tones and blacks I was knitting for people for Xmas 2007. I can’t replace it, for it was discontinued yarns from Knitpicks.

If I can just get it into workable balls instead of 440 yrd hanks.

I usually use an upside down laundry basket to hold my hanks open so I can wind them.

i put my hanks around the back of a chair to wind them