There is a proper way to unwind a hank. Learn it before and not after you begin to unwind.

Oh, I have sooooooo done this… hate hanks. Grr… I feel your pain. Now go get a big drink of something, put something brainless on the TV and work your way through it…



Nice upholstery!

What’s a boobie scarf?

I have done the same thing many times until i realized there was a right way…

Beld, I like the fabric on your chair or couch. :thumbsup:

Funny…That’s the way my brain looks on Fridays after a long work week. Maybe you could just keep it that way, Beldie, and call it a pattern! “Kelly’s Brain” Knitty is always looking for something unusual!

It’s all better now and in one ball. Yup, all 215 yds of it. /nods

Thanks for the comments on my couch. lol. It’s never something I would have boughten, but it was given to me by a friend. Even though the fabric isn’t my style, it is now. I love it! It is also THE most comfy couch to sit in. A big bonus in my tastes.

Oh no, Beld! I JUST did the same thing to hank. In fact, it looks like very similar yarn. It took me an hour and a half to fix it… just think of how much actual knittin’ I could’ve done in that time!!!

I’m convinced that some hanks are just plain uncooperative. The previous two “balled up” just fine, but the third obviously had some bad mojo.

I’m SO tempted to get one of those windy thingies.


Well if there’s a proper way to unwind a hank of yarn would someone please clue me in?? I have yet to unwind one without the same results as beldaraan. The only difference is that the skeins I’ve been working on are about 500 yds…took me 3 days on the last one :wall:

I have done all of mine (three to date) at work. I put the hank around the arms of an office chair. The first I wound straight into a ball which made me cranky and took a long time. The second I talked someone else into doing! The last one, I again put it around the arms of an office chair (which really works quite well!), then I tucked the end of the yarn into a large pill bottle and started wrapping. When I was done, I had a pull out skein!! Woo-Hoo!!!

I then found out about swifts and searched on line till I found one at a reasonable price and ordered it. I figured since I had a ball winder from years past, it was only the right thing to do!


Okay Pat, where did you find one reasonably priced? I have been looking and I have not found one I would consider purchasing yet.

Hi, Pat…

I’ve learned a couple of ways that end up with a Pull-Out Skein, but I think your idea of tucking the yarn end into a large pill bottle and then just wrapping around the bottle is the best I’ve heard! I can hardly wait to try it!




What are “swifts”? I don’t have a ball winder outside of myself, but would be interested…are “swifts” something to put on a ball winder to wrap into pull-out skeins?


I will have to look when I get home. I was trying to find it on line and just can’t. I know with the shipping and cost of the swift it was less than $40. I did not but a wooden one, but the metal and plastic one. The woman at the yarn shop who wound yarn for me had the same one and it worked fine. I’m sure if you have really heavy yarns, it might not, but for what I have used up to this date, it will be fine.


The swift I bought is from yarnware.com and cost $38. It is the metal one. They also have the tabletop wooden one for $59. I have yet to use this one, but I did use and identical one at a yarn shop and it worked just fine.

That same website has lots of hints and tips on it too!


I sometimes dye stuff and after my process, things end up getting pretty ugly. So after a few solid days worth of time invested in learning how to “unknot,” I too would like to learn a better way.

Does anyone know of a good link about winding/unwinding hanks, etc.? I’ve seen Amy’s and I’m already improving…but I could benefit by learning even more about handling something larger than a ball. :slight_smile:

Any/all links are appreciated! THANKS!