Hank question

I am ready to wind my hank into cakes. There are 225 yards in this hank, how many balls should I get from this hank? No where on label does it state grams or ounces. Thank you.

Probably you can put it all in one cake. What weight is your yarn and what’s the capacity of your winder, I expect it as one of “normal” smaller ones.

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I wind yarn by hand but 225 yards as a single cake will work and then you won’t have extra ends to weave in.

The weight is DK, and yes, it’s one of the small winders. I’ve never seen a large one. Humm…so they do make them. It seems after I wind so much then it just gets messy.

Thank you for the welcome Salmonmac.

If it starts to get messy then that’s a signal to stop but the fewest number of cakes, the better.

So I took the plunge and got a Jumbo Winder. Oh, happy day! I should have asked this question years ago.