Hank question!

Hi! I went to the cutest yarn store in alabama today and i bought some yarn that was wound into hanks (?)…do i have to get it wound into a ball or can i knit from it as is?


It’s almost always best to wind it, as it tangles so easily from the hank. ( I know, it’s a pain. ) :nails:

Some people just throw the hank around their knees and have a go at it.

Personally I like to wind it into a ball so that it doesn’t get all tangled up as i knit.

You do NOT want to knit straight from a hank. I’ve heard so many horror stories! I do not have a ball winder, and struggled a bit getting mine safely balled–definite tendency to tangle when I was watching carefully–you won’t want to be that “careful” while you’re knitting, and you will most likely regret it.

Many yarn stores will let you use their ball winder–can you go back and check where you bought it, or is “in Alabama” far from where you are now?

If not, there are videos on this site to help you wind it.

Enjoy your new yarn!!

I agree with everyone else- you are better off winding it into a ball. There is a video right here on KH to help you, found here (scroll down almost to the bottom of the page).

If you can, go back to the store that you purchased the hanks from and have them wind them.

yea i live in mississippi and i didnt think about it till we left the store…i was too excited! i reckon ill have to wind it myself…thanks!

thanks so much for ya’lls help!

Find a set of hands, a chair back, a lamp shade, feet, anything you can to wrap that hank around to hold it while you wind. I have even used my laptop screen before (though that wasn’t ideal at all!) People get all sorts of inventive, especially after they have had their first hank disaster with MOHAIR (!) but I will beg you to believe us right from the beginning…lol