Hank help!

Hello-How much yarn is in a HANK of yarn?? I received a big box of yarn from my sister( from her very own sheep!). She sent the wool out to be processed and the 2 ply yarn came back tied up nice and neat in hanks. Is there a standard length to a hank? Do I go by weight? Some of the yarn I dyed–came out beautiful. I have been working on only small projects since I’m still new at this knitting thing and afraid to waste this wonderful stuff plus I am unsure how much yarn I really have…Thanks for your help–this site is great! :heart: KnoviceKnitter

There is no standard length, a hank could be 80yds or it could be 400yds or anywhere in between. You could weigh it but it still wouldn’t really help you know how much you have in length. What I did once, an idea I saw on a website that I don’t remember right now, is take a board of wood and nail two nails, 1yd apart. I wound my yarn (it was from a recycled sweater, no idea of the yardage) around it and counted how many times it went around (one full time around is 2yds), then I had a pretty good estimate of my yardage. To protect the yarn itself, I put drinking straws, cut to the right length, around the nails before hammering them in so there was no chance of snagging the yarn.

I used your idea KnitQueen! I found a piece a wood in my garage exactly 2 feet long x 3 inches wide. I wrapped the yarn around and around lengthwise (1 round =4 feet) and discovered the hank was just over 193 yards. Guess it is safe to assume that all the other hanks are about the same length since they seem to be the same size and weight. Thanks for your help. :heart: KnoviceKnitter