Hanging In There

My truck is in the engine shop and has been for a couple of days now. Stuck in a hotel.

The bad part is that in the quick move from the truck to the hotel I somehow forgot my to grab my knitting bag. Argh!

Amazing how much one can miss the activity of knitting while sitting around.

Oh no!! Can you go back and get it? That sucks! :doh:

Sadly, no I can’t. The repairs are supposed to be completed sometime tomorrow, I’ll just have to muddle through until then.

I have been reading your most recent blog posts and I have to say you are quite an interesting fellow. I am sorry to hear about you leaving your knitting in the truck especially with all that down time. I also must note that those are very hansome pipes you just recently picked up. I am getting my sir a pipe for christmas, it is a running unintentional joke in his family. Two christmass’ ago he got a London Fog coat for his mom and his niece got him a magnificent magnifying glass (nice and heavy with some sort of carved stone for a handle) last year. So I am taking the torch and carrying it on this year and I could use some advice(what type to get, where would be the best place to look, types of tabacco and so forth) any advice would be wonderful. Thanks:cool:

AH, I sense a Sherlock Holmes theme here! The game is afoot!

You can’t go wrong with a nice Savinelli pipe, or if you wish to stick to the movie Sherlock, buy him a nice Calabash pipe as that is what the movie Sherlock smoked (not exactly true to the book but what everyone associates with him). In the books Sherlock smoked a clay pipe, which I do not recommend for a newbie pipe smoker.

Peterson also has some Sherlock Holmes pipes, but I am not a fan of Peterson as they dip stain their pipes which means there is stain inside the bowl and they taste terrible for the first 10-20 smokes. Stupid of them.

This is a Calabash (mine, actually):

Sorry for the ugly bloke behind the pipe :teehee:

As for where to look, if there is a tobacconist near you that would be a great place to start, otherwise the web has tons of pipe sellers. If you can find a gourd calabash that would be the best, but a mahogany one will do.

Be prepared to spend $100 or more for a decent calabash pipe, they aren’t cheap.

Tobacco? Well, that’s very subjective to the smoker, but a very enjoyable English blend is Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader. It’s held in high regard by almost all pipe smokers.

Another good tobacco is W.O. Larsen’s 1868, which is a very good aromatic and can be purchased in 100g tins.

Personally, I think the Squadron Leader would be the way to go.

I thought I was the only one who dared clench a calabash.

:rofl: A good rubber tip on the bit helps with that. I use them on all my pipes.

Thank you so much for your help I will start my search. I hope he will like it.:thumbsup:

OH NO!!! :help:

I hate it when that happens… left mine at work one weekend… sadly, I had to start a new project because I couldn’t stand it.:teehee:

Hope the time passes quickly.

Hope you have your knitting back by now. I made a 9hr drive to NY and back last weekend and while I couldn’t knit on the way up b/c it was dark and rainy (hubby didn’t want interior lights on)…then on the way home I went to turn the heel of my socks and realized I had left my pattern at home !!! AGH 9 hrs of day light burnt in a car and no knitting !!!

My husband loved his clay pipe with Squadron Leader. The Calabash usually held some obscure latakia filled tabacco that got him sent outside. His favorite pipe was one I gave him when we lived in Europe, it lasted almost twenty years with some minor repairs, after being dropped off the top of an Abrams tank.

Howdy do KG!
Your pipe brings back memories of my dad.
He didn’t smoke any unique pipes, but just the sight of one in his hand made for a nice portrait. He didn’t smoke a pipe for long, but I found it to be actually a pleasant smell in the house.
He just used Carter Hall tobacco back in the day, but the smell of it reminds me of those days. lol

Me too! Pleasant memories for sure :thumbsup:

Hope your truck is back up and running and your knitting is safely in hand soon Mason

You’re quite welcome.

Sounds like a long trip. I got my truck and my knitting back late Friday and am now sitting in Bangor, Maine happily knitting and smoking a pipe.

Nice. I’ve been scouring the tobacco shops in search of some Squadron Leader. No luck so far, but I’ll find some eventually. A good English blend to be sure.

I’ve always enjoyed the smell too. Carter Hall is one of the better over the counter pipe tobaccos and I always have some in supply.