Hanging bits

I simply cannot stand these straggly bits of yarn hanging all over the piece I am working on anymore! What do you folks do with the hanging bits while you are working? These are the added on threads and the threads that will be used to seam, etc. And, while I am on this rant–what kind of bobbins do you like? I have the plastic saucer things and I hate them! They always seem to slipping half way down the yarn and hanging longer than the piece itself!

If they are to be weaved in later, ten weave in now, will save you a job later and will make life easier now. If they have to remain, then if there i would gather a few togehter and tie them into a loose bundle maybe using a slip knot to take up some of the length and to keep them out of the way.

Yes, weave in whatever ends you can as you go. For ends long enough to need a bobbin, those plastic clip clothespins are handy, or even wind up the yarn to a useable length and put a rubber band around it.

Knot it, cut it! :twisted:

OH MY … I am suprised you didn’t get censored using the [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]K [/COLOR][/SIZE]word :wink:


Do you mean the [SIZE=3][COLOR=red]K[/COLOR][/SIZE]ut part of it?

Yeah, you can work in ends as you go, but I don’t usually and here’s why. On a project that is not super easy-peasy I always like to make room for having to take it apart. I have knit something that I think is perfect and later realize, oops, big mistake back there. If I have worked in my ends it makes it a lot harder to undo. Also if I am seaming I sometimes hide a few of the ends in the seams and I have to get to that point before I’m ready for them. I guess I just put up with them. If they are extremely long I shorten those I don’t need to about 5 or 6 inches. I’ve been using the duplicate stitch method of hiding in ends quite a bit and it needs a bit more to work with.

I think some folks coil troublesome ends up and maybe fasten them to an edge or something, don’t know for sure.

I vote no on knots. :slight_smile: