Handspun yarn & ++(midnightskyfibers) april 15 yarns 50%

i almost always have a sale going on mt website http://www.midnightskyfibers.com. Im also up for trades. Im fond of/looking for:
-sock yarns- especialyl cherry tree hill, lornas laces, kouigu,opal mountain colors anythign along those lines
-natural fibered yarns in dk or worsted weight- i love alpaca, soysilk, etc and am a big fan of handpainted yarns.
-other brands that make me happy- think colinette and other brands that are handpainted-ish. (any weight)
(hmm wouldnt that be a fun swap- handpainted yarns?)

[b]April 14th (and 15th)

What with all the other great sales going on, I thought I’d jump right in or I’m never going to be able to fit all my spring themed yarns on the site!

So this is the deal- for today (April 14th) All yarns not already on sale are 50% off. Order more than $60 dollars worth of yarn and get a free skein of yarn!

The fine printThis does not apply to fibers, kits, or items already on sale. Prices are as marked (in bright pink). Free skein in my choice and while supplies last. $60 dollars means before your order total- it does not include shipping and handling. Shipping for this sale is only in the US unless you email me first. Contact, questions, and international buyers should email me at info(at)midnightskyfibers(dot)com[/b]

Your yarns are absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy that you posted your link :happydance: …can you tell me if there are any blends on your site that would work for felted handbags…I’m a newbie and have felted 2 bags and I know that wool felts, but I’ve also mixed the wool with a novelty yarn for the handbag I did recently. I think choosing colors and yarns that will look good together without a pattern has been the most difficult aspect of knitting for me so far.


wool or merino blended with angora, alpaca, mohair, or small amouunts of any othet fiber (esp recycles silk, soysilk, and angelina) will all felt.

I see that you use vegetarian dyes… so it is safe to assume that the wool comes from a “good place” I have been avoiding wool/ animal fibers but I am willing to buy it from someone I trust :thumbsup:

unless i get to actually meet the person (and preferably the animals!) i am not willing to tell people my stuff is animal friendly jsut cause i have such high standards when it comes to care. I get a lot of my wool from a commercial source, so i cant really guarentee anything about it.

However, my dyes are vegan, so i can do custom orders of soysilk yarn. i ussually spin it over an acrylic core which lowers the cost to the buyer and makes it have a little more give than a silk like product otherwise would.

my only vegan yarns right now are park ave (in the dk/blends category) and the cotton ribbon yarn in the kits section (soon to be shipped out the dream and sugar, so ge tit fat or you will have to get it from her [for the same price though :)]

Just thought id drop by and let you know i have a mini sale going on- ive been clearing out some of my “private stash” since ive run out of room! :slight_smile:

(april 15th- a couple people were dissapointed to “miss” the sale so im leaving it up until the evening)