Handspinners' Show & Tell

There’s a thread for dying, but I want to also see the spinning side of creating yarn (in one place). Show us your fleece, roving, batts, slivers, top, first hand spun, latest & greatest hand spun, finished objects from hand spun…etc

Tell us as much about it as possible. Fiber content, purchased from, WPI, TPI, how was it spun, how many plies, what is it’s purpose, & what pattern you used.
I’ll post mine probably this weekend when I can finish it and take photos.
I hope you participate. I do enjoy seeing what others have spun & made from their handspun!

Just made up some batts last night for a fiber trade that I’m in. As soon as I get them uploaded on our site, I’ll post them.

I love seeing other folks’ batts and rovings. It gives me such inspiration!

Here are some of my latest yarns (not finished spinning yet!)

[B]A combo of Silk, Merino & Alpaca[/B]

[B]BFL - natural colored. Thinking about overdyeing this when finished spinning[/B]

[B]Batts I carded last night for a swap:[/B]

[B]Mardi Gras, a blend of dyed merino, corriedale & kid mohair[/B]

[B]BFL, Merino & CVM[/B]

[B]Merino, Icelandic Hogget & CVM[/B]

[B]Merino & Kid Mohair[/B]

Ugly Batt - combo of Dorset/Hampshire, silk, BFL, Icelandic, Corriedale, Shetland, Merino, Rambo

thanks for starting this thread!
I was just going to continue posting in the dye thread since i dye pretty much everything i spin

here are some pics of finished products that i don’t think i’ve posted previously

some strips of merino i had from who knows what that i dyed and plied with white merino…
Amount: 190 yards, 90 grams, 3.2 oz
WPI: 8-11

2 rovings that i dyed… i believe they were both south african fine

turned into these 2 yarns

Amount: 110 yards,90 grams, 3.2 oz ,WPI: 7-8

currently sitting in the stash with no stats…but it’s maybe 75 yards, dk to worsted weight

cyndi - love the mardi gras and ugly batt! so pretty!

what kind of carder do you have?
i’m buying one soon and i’m intrested in recommendations

Some of my handspun skeins:

I at a Patrick Green Deb’s Deluxe with the fur carder (from Susan McFarland (http://www.susansfibership.com) . I just got a burnishing tool from Susan and it really makes a difference!

One thing to consider is the tpi on your large drum. The more tpi the better. You can always card ‘heavier’ fiber with a fur drum, but you can’t card finer fiber with a courser drum.

I ditto mullerslanefarm. I have Deb Deluxe and love it! I have a burnishing brush but also have a drum brush which helps make a more compact batt.

ty ladies!

this was on of my first yarns i made after i got a set of used hand cards … it was my very first balanced yarn!

i call it trash

Here are some of my latest:

Wow! Everyone’s stuff is so fantastic! I feel like such a noob!
So even though I have posted my newest yarn creation already, I thought I would post here the roving that I bought when I was at a festival here in MN. I knew I was getting a wheel, and even though this roving is gorgeous so I want to save it, I bought it anyway!
The white is roving I am using for learning, it is really nice, but not too expensive. I tried to learn on some yuckier stuff, but it was too hard. I guess my wheel is particular!

The next 2 are ones that I got for about $7 for 4 oz. they feel like cashmere. They had so many wonderful colors, it was hard to pick. Luckily I kept their card so I can buy more!

The last pic is of 2 different rovings, one greenish, the other bluish. When I saw them I immediately thought I would spin and ply them together. They said a lot of people had been saying that. about 3 oz a piece at $5. Kept their card too.

This weekend I will probably play with the last 2 rovings. I am kool aid dying as we speak with the white roving spun into a single. I have this nifty antique yarn winder, which I thought was like a swift, but it turns out it is fantastic for pulling yarn off the bobbin and winding. I just let it set all stretched out on the winder for about a day, and it keeps that twist nicely.
Here is a pic of the yarn on the winder:

Mulderknitter, what you have is a skein winder (that can be used as a swift). It is also called a reel.

If it has a device that clicks, then it is a click reel.

I also have an old one and after some use, the wooden screw started to deteriorate so I quit using it

those are some good looking yarns and fibers mullerslane and mulderknitter!

i’m so excited … i got my drum carder today! :woot:
i decided to go with the strauch petite carder since i wouldn’t have to save up any extra…i didn’t think it was so big!..but of course after using it i already feel like i need a bigger one :teehee:

one of these days perhaps…and now to the batts!

lincolin-finn wool that i’ve been saving cause i loved the colors, some chocolate bamboo, natural colored soysilk, and 3 different colors of angelina…i love them!

and this one is a scrap batt…superwash, sparkly plying thread that got tangled up…so i cut it and threw it in, recycled yarn, alpaca, targhee lincolin-finn, angelina and who knows what else!

I love the chocolate & purple. Good combo.
And I’m way behind on posting photos…

Gunnisters Man’s Pouch knit from the Jacob yarn I posted in an earlier thread.

Novelty Yarn I finally plied with gold sewing thread.
19 WPI about 214 yards
Alpaca, wool, bamboo, silk noil, & angelina less than 3 ounces

Great batts,Foxyie! I especially love the scrap batt!

That man pouch is simple, but elegant, Liliyarn! I love the way jacob spins and knits up!

I can hardly wait until “the boys” (DH & DS) get back from Gettysburg (reenactment). I sent the camera with them and I spent all day yesterday carding up batts - 7 colorways, each 4 oz - then pulling them into roving.

Today, after farmer’s market, I put up some strawberry jam and getting ready to make 8# of milk soap … or ply my latest yarn … not sure which I’ll do first

great stuff liliyarn! and thanks a bunch mullerslane!

these are some newer batts i finished…

these batts made this yarn

and another set

A few more batts:

and some yarns

Here is my first attempt at spinning some skinny singles (hopefully laceweight or somewhere in there). Sorry the pic is sooo red but took the pic with my phone cam.
It’s superwash merino (at least that’s what I was told) in a lovely deep red n maroon colorway.

Ooohh, that is a gorgeous color fibrenut! Everyone’s looks so neat!