Hands Free Row Counter?!? - Possibly Foot Operated?

…Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? You’d think there would be something out there that some famous/genius/crafty knitter has invented where you operate the device with your feet/foot and keeps a count of your rows without ever having to take your hands off of your work!!

I’ve been looking everywhere online for something like this (or something that I could use to substitute with)…but my efforts have failed me.

Does anyone have a million dollars that they’d like to invest into my potential product? I’d like to mention that I have no experience in engineering or marketing…so you’d have to contribue that as well :slight_smile:
I can, however, demonstrate the heck out of it (CAUSE I NEED ONE NOW!!!).

Anyway, just a passing thought…

so far, the coolest thing (other than a digital counter) that I could find online was: THIS insert whiny voice But it’s still [B][B][I]soooo[/I][/B][/B] [I]manual[/I]!!

Well if you find it, please let us know about it! (smile)

I just use a Kacha-Kacha, hold it between my toes and use the other foot to click it. My husband says it’s disgusting but it works for me.

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HAHAHAHHA!!! That’s hilarious!!

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Maybe if we could control one w/ our minds? I’m so frustrated, I forget to mark, click or do whatever with whatever I’m using. and with repeats, its even more frustrating!


I had this same thought some time ago! Was thinking how much easier it would be if there were some kind of row counter with a foot pedal!

LOL, why does he say it’s disgusting?

LOL, why does he say it’s disgusting?

Maybe she doesn’t wash her feet? Just kidding!

I’ve often wondered if there was a better solution to this problem than saying to my DH, “Please remember this is the third increase, OK?”

I still haven’t found anything more efficient than post it notes and a pen. I’m on a sock frenzy and when I need to count rows it’s easy to mark down and any changes I make to a pattern in sock #1 I mark down so I can repeat in sock #2.

Here are a couple counters that can easily be adapted to be a “floor counter”. Each has screw holes that can be used to secure the counter to a piece of wood that would keep it from falling over as you push it with your foot/toe. I have the silver one and can testify to it’s durability.

These pictures should take you directly to the page where they can be purchased. I’ve never ordered from this company, but in looking for these counters, I can see that they are advertising the cheapest price I’ve seen ($4.49 + s&h of $5 = $9.49). Office Depot sells the silver one, but without the desktop base and I think it was $10 + tax of course.

I have never seen an actual floor model tally counter.

GENIUS!!! Maybe I can expand the button somehow

I think we’re on to something!!!

I have a clover row counter, one of those red ones that you just have to push down on and what I do is stick the end of it into a jar of playdough (so it’s stable) and I hit it with my foot while I’m knitting

Because he thinks feet are disgusting. Even clean feet. :teehee:

starburst, I love the idea of sticking it in Play-Doh.

Finally - a more practical use for play-doh than sticking to my coffee table, crumbling into my carpet, and finding a way into the soles of my shoes…Thankfully (or sadly, depending on my mood and/or your viewpoint), my children are beyond the play-doh stage! LOL!

But that is a truly brilliant use for the stuff, and I must say, a novel way to count rows. I think my younger cat would knock it over, though, he’s a nosey little cuss and believe the entire world is his personal toy box. :slight_smile:

That’s AWESOME!!! And I have SOOO much play-doh!!

ive been thinking about this alot.
i never want to put my knitting down to click a thing or make a tick mark. i mentioned this to my friend who has made pedals in the past and has helped me make other knit hacks.
we are in the beginning stages of coming up with something.
when we do i will let you know first thing.

You people are brilliant!! I never would have thought of any of these things! Thanks for all of the great ideas…

Ooooh I’m glad this thread popped up… I love that first counter so much that I now have one on the way!

I use a notebook and a pen. LOL. You guys are so crafty with your toes and Play-doh!

THey have row counters that are stitch markers…

so you dont have to put down your needles… cause its on your needle… just a quick tap with your thumb and continue on!