i was going to buy some “paint your own yarn” from knitpicks…what kind of dye do you use to paint it?

i want to do more than one color, so i dont want something that is going to bleed into the other colors…

TIA! :thumbsup:

You’re in luck if you get DIY network channel! Tomorrow on Knitty Gritty they are going to have the show where they teach you how to dye your own yarn. I saw it once before and decided I HAD to try it! Haven’t done it yet, but I will. If you don’t get the channel you can see the info here.

Where it says “in this episode” it tells you how they do it.

Here’s a few more links:

Yay! I just ordered some yarn to dye. I am going to Tivo it! I mean of course that I am going to Tivo the show, not the yarn. I wish my Tivo would dye yarn for me…

I bought some undyed WOTA and the book Yarns to Dye for by Kathleen Taylor. She uses RIT(can pick it up a walmart, etc), Gaywool Dyes(www.louet.com) and Country Classics Dyes (www.meilkesfarm.com).
I can’t wait to try it!

It is such a nice way to make a piece that is completely unique.

You can also use Kool-Aid or food coloring. I have had great results with food coloring, it is really easy AND non-toxic. Here is the link I used:

Non-toxic dye process

I got vibrant greens, blues, reds and purples using yarn that was originally GRAY. :happydance: :happydance:

I’ve used Koolaid…it’s fun. I don’t have them bookmarked any more (new computer, lost bookmarks) but you can google dyeing yarn with koolaid & find all sorts of info :wink:

This is so great, I cant wait to see everyones creations and one of a kind yarns. Please post pics.

I just started dyeing too…a few pics are on my blog…click on WWW below. It’s a lot of fun!