Has anyone used their lace weight yarn? I have used the Merino Bulky and it super super soft. The lace weight is not merino, but hopefully soft anyway. I plan on making the Deep Breath sweater from Webs (lacey top-down raglan).

Since I was ordering some bulky merino for the Apocalypse Tree Hoodie, I decided to take a chance on the lace yarn as well. It is 5.95 for 850 yards.

And now the wait for the mailman begins.


I haven’t tried the laceweight – if it doesn’t turn out to be as soft as you hope, 100purewool has merino laceweight for $7 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I’m assuming it’s the same as their worsted merino, which is mmmmmm soft. :thumbsup:

I found this website a while ago and was wondering about it. How long does it take to receive your order?

I could look at their website for hours!

It only took about a week to get my order from handpainted wool.com. The items are actually sent from a warehouse in Michigan. I ordered 5 skeins of bulky and 1 laceweight and the shipping cost was $6.55.

I have also ordered from 100purewool.com. It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get the order. It does come directly from Uruguay. All the postage on the package is pretty impressive. The shipping is also more expensive than handpaintedwool.com, but still averages out to a per skein cost that is less than Malabrigo. I have used the worsted weight and it is really soft.


That is a wonderful website! Thank you so much!

I totally couldn’t resist ordering a skein of laceweight from 100purewool…at $7 plus $3 shipping, it’s still less than half the cost of malabrigo lace! :happydance:

wow. i’m definitely going to have to remember these sites when i get that long-awaited job. thanks for posting all of them! :happydance:

Dangnamit people, i’ve fallen in love with pretty much all of the colour combos on 100purewool.com!!!

i’ve bought some pink and brown - which is saying something becuase i dont normally go for pink! Hopefully shipping to Australia wont be too long… three weeks ACK!

I just went and looked at the 100purewool site – I haven’t been there in awhile. I wish they would give a description of the colorways, since monitors vary so much.

I see they now have 3-ply merino worsted. I think that will go on my next wish list!

I added 1 item to my cart (just for fun) and shipping was $3. I added 2 items and shipping was $9… doesn’t make sense to me.


My order is shipping today! So, as long as the post office cooperates, I should have it on Monday! Must finish baby sweater before fondling new yarn.

I think it has to do with the fact that it ships from Uruguay…with a lot of overseas/international postage there’s a big jump when you go over a few ounces. I almost fainted the last time I sent a package to Canada :shock:

I’ve used laceweight from handpaintedyarn.com. I’ve made an Icarus shawl, and at the moment have 3 WIP: a Kiri, a Fircone and a Shetland Triangular. It is very soft. And it had smell of vinegar, but that went away. I must go back there; last time I had looked, their choices of colors had dramatically decreased. Oh, and the customer service for questions, etc. was quick.

Got my order! Exactly 1 week from order to delivery.

The bulky merino is soft and cushy as I expected it to be. The laceweight is soft although not as soft as the merino (it is corridale) and slightly thick and thin.

Neither has a vinegar smell. I have already wound it in center-pull yarn cakes. Only one skein of the bulky was a little tangly but nothing major. I was a little nervous about winding the lace (had a horrible knit picks alpaca cloud experience) but it was no problem at all.

Almost done with the baby sweater and then on to this sweater with the bulky:



Aweosme! Their bulky merino is one of my favorite yarns – I would loooove to make a sweater out of it :inlove:

Lucky you! :slight_smile: