I placed an order at the handpaintedyarn.com website on Jan 11, and 20 days later there’s no yarn in sight nor are they responding to my emails… I’m worried. They deducted payment on Jan 13.

Has anyone shopped this site before? They say shipping takes 9-12 days because they ship it from Uruguay but they won’t even tell me when my order will ship.

Is this site legitimate? Has anyone experienced something like this?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve ordered from them multiple times, and it always took about 2 weeks. The one time I contacted them it didn’t seem like they had much English.

When it comes, it might smell strongly of vinegar. Wash it with some mild soap (I use ivory dish shoap), and then hang it outside to dry.

Hope you get your yarn soon!

Hmm…have you tried to contact with the staff, etc. somehow? Maybe they’ll give you some information? :shrug:
I never shop there before but in other websites, they tell you what stage is your ordered item is at, for example they’ll show on your account when your item is waiting to be shipped, etc.
But try to contact somebody, maybe that’ll help :slight_smile:

I’ve also ordered from them multiple times and not had any problems. Usually I just expect it to take a while to receive my yarn/roving and I’m pleasantly surprised when it arrives. :smiley: I’ll bet the delay has to do with their shipping process – I believe they send the orders to their fulfillment house in Florida from Uruguay.

It will be worth the wait, I promise :inlove:

Thanks for your replies everyone. I finally received an email from them saying that my order was somehow missed during their last shipment to the US, and since the customer service lady is on vacation things are a bit chaotic.
The person who replied to me was kind enough to ship my order to me directly from Uruguay today, so it should be here sometime in the next week or two.
I really do love their colors and hopefully the yarn too.

oh I"m glad - I have bought from them A LOT and love the yarn and their customer service.