Handpainted yarn

I just ran across a blog that linked to Mystical Creation Yarns. They have some beautiful stuff!

those are beautiful.
what do they mean by handpainted?

Oh goodness, their colorways are breathtaking.

Like I needed any more yarn to drool over… (you too, Kemp, lol!)

i do! :drooling: i don’t have anything in my stash that even compares to any of that!!! my stash is very weak. :frowning:

HAHA~ I know!!! Just bookmarked it in case they are in business 3 years from now…about how long it will take me to knit all the yarn I have. :roflhard:

koolbreeze: handpainted =hand dyed, it can be quite artistic

gotcha! :thumbsup:

if its hand painted how do they get varigated (right word?) like that?

yes. Like this:

Okay, I could not resist. I got some. To knit a Christmas present. That’s admirable, right? :angelgrin:

oh you LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY woman!!! Please make sure to post with how well you like it :slight_smile:

I think anything for Christmas has to be ok, right? Spirt of giving and all.

so do u just dip a little part in the dye, let it dry then dip another part?

No, it’s really pretty cool…you put the yarn in a pot and then pour in several colors of dye. Or if you do it in the microwave you can put the colors more specifically on a certain part. If you do a search for handpainted on here, you’ll find some more detail. The member midnightskyfibers does a lot of it.

really? wow that would be cool to try. i havesome ugly beige wool i want to dye… i’ll have to get the details. thanks