Handpainted wool on eBay - I can't believe the price!

Someone on another bulletin board posted about this last night and I couldn’t believe it till I checked it out myself. Of course I went ahead and immediately bought some. [size=1][/size]nevermind that I just bought 6 hanks of Manos handpainted multicolor yarn yesterday…[size=3][/size]

Anyway, check out the seller 100purewool, and sort his/her wool by price (do lowest first). 3 skeins for $8!! :shock: It’s like 600 yards!!! I don’t know if there’s a catch, if it’s a mistake, or what. :thinking: But I snatched up some of that yumminess right away.

Here’s the one I bought: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8231120950. :inlove:

That’s yummilicious yarn :drooling: !!! I am actually working with some yarn that I saw & bought on EBAy…why did I buy this yarn several months ago with no project in mind? Cause it was purdy & I liked it…and now I have the perfect project (hat to match my Branching OUt scarf i just finished). And you will have the perfect project for your yummy find :wink:

I have admired the yarn from that same seller, but have yet to purchase. I think only because I am cheap and don’t want to pay for the $9.00 shipping, but I think with the cost of the yarn, it all balances out anyway. hmmm, maybe I should take a trip back to ebay! :wink:

let us know when you get it if it really is as soft as the seller claims… I don’t care how good a deal yarn looks like, if it isn’t soft it’s not worth it (to me).

I’ve had that seller on my favorites list for a while but haven’t ordered yet – I just go and drool over all of the colorways – I’d be curious to hear how soft it is too!

oooh! I can’t wait for you to give us a report!

What does the little “c” next to the price mean? :??

well i thought it was canadian but if i recall correctly the product is coming from Uruguay isn’t it?

anyway it is foreign funds one way or another

May have to do with your settings… mine says:

US $8.00 (Approximately C $9.45)

I heard on another board that the seller ended the listings early because the prices were a typo. Bummer, I was going to get some!!!

well i was wondering about that because it didn’t match the prices of their other auctions at all!

the items are still listed

yah but i think they are all about three times the cost

well actually i was just looking and there are others that are at that lower price too…odd…doesn’t seem to be tooooooo much rhyme or reason to their pricing but i am probably just too impatient to figger it out!

I think that the difference in pricing has to do with how many ounces you get, but I could be wrong.


Yes, it looks like the $8 ones are for single skeins.

:frowning: Turns out it was a mistake. The seller listed the skeins wrong - they are $8 per skein, so the amount I bought was supposed to be $24. Since I was only buying it b/c it was so dirt cheap, and not b/c I really needed it, I’m going to cancel the purchase. I got a nice email from the seller, offering to give me a discounted price on 3 skeins, but I just can’t justify the purchase after the ginormous bag of yarn I bought on Saturday. Oh well. :rollseyes:

:waving: Hi KristiMetz! (I recognize you from the other board, where I first found out about this eBay auction).

yeah but that’s what’s weird. this auction says that it is 3 skeins for around $8. Another that i am looking says it is 9 skeins of the same stuff, just different colors with the same weight per skein listed and the price is $82. Seems to me that if i am getting 3x as much yarn it shouldn’t cost me what…10 times as much?

odd :thinking:

[color=red]well that explains my befuddlement BUT wasn’t that a completed auction? didn’t you do BIN? if you did isn’t the seller required to sell it to you anyway? you would be required to buy it if the mistake had been on your end![/color]

brendajos is right. If it says $8 for three skeins (which some of them still do. One even says 9 skeins!) Then she should sell you three skeins for $8. I would SOOOO demand my 3 skeins for $8. If she put ina typo that’s her problem. HRUMPH!