Handpainted Superwash Yarn

[b]Hello everyone…superwash sock yarn in a slightly heavier gauge and fingering weight in superwash in my shop!

I’m excited about the fingering weight…it dyes so well! Come for a visit…thanks and enjoy!


Wow, those are absolutely beautiful! :inlove: Stunning colour combos. :thumbsup:

Oh, and they luscious in real life too! I got some a couple weeks ago…mmmmmmmmmm, yummy!

Awwww, thanks guys!! :smiley:

I just added a couple more colourways today: [ul]Tangerine Swirl
Lilac Bloom[/ul]

That Lilac Bloom is GORGEOUS!! :inlove:

A couple more pastel colourways added today!

:smiley: those all look so very yummy :smiley:

[color=indigo]omg I want some! :heart:

Now, to find a way to squeeze more money into the yarn budget… :wink: [/color]