Handmade gifts for Family for the Holiday Season

I used a AUD$5.00 a ball 100% cotton. Nicer than what I would use for a dishcloth, but not hugely exxy.

that really is beautful. I so admire that beatiful work

Y’know what… I’m getting more kudos in here than I will get from the receivers…


That’s probably because they don’t know what’s involved!

Eye Pillow one Blocked!

Once again, lovely! Your stitches are perfect!

that is wonderful. Someone should be thrilled to get that. Are you planning on filling it with lavendar >? The color is perfect and the stitches are enough to make me envious.

Perfect stitches… me?? :blush:

The eye pillow will be lined with cotton and then filled with flaxseed & lavender.

I have two more sets to make, one is more purple, and the other one is more blue…


then a green set for me :smiley: :wink:

NOW that is a lovely thoughful christmas present. Did you design that pattern or is it commercial?

The face cloth is from the Dishcloth boutique and the eye pillow is from Interweave (both free on the 'net)

TIA! That is BEAUTIFUL! I love the way the leaves look like eyes looking sideways! BRILLIANT!

:inlove: wow Tia, that’s gorgeous! brava to you!!! :smiley: :cheering: :heart:

Tia you do absolutely beautiful work. The giftees should be thrilled. Love the eye pillow. What you’re putting together is so very clever. Not just your usual hat/scarf/mitten combo (not that that would be all bad.).

Thank you very much!


Being Summer for Australia, giving scarves/mittens/etc is a little ‘wrong season’, unless you know the person is planning a trip to someplace it’s cold :smiley:

So this way I can still give knitted gifts :smiley:

I’m also 1/2 way through a cupcake shaped crocheted washer for my niece (thought I’d throw a washer in for niece & nephew too… LOL)

You’ve fired me up, inspired me to make some face clothed(I didn’t know they could be that interesting and so hip and spa like.) And I love the eye pillow!! :shock: wow. I want to make one with the yummiest yarn I can find. Where did you find your pattern??

What a lucky bunch to get your beautiful gifts!!

I am totally stoked about making some knitted pieces(besides scarves)
for my friends—I could create great wash clothes (spa style–very nice yarn–best cotton. and create basket --filling them with soap, lotion, scrub brush. I love creating themed baskets—and this will work well.

for the inspiration


There’s a link on page 1 or 2 for the eyepillow.