"handmade by" tags

Does anyone know a good place to buy those little tags you can sew in the backs of sweaters that say, “Handknit just for you” or whatever?

I think I’ve seen things like that at JoAnn’s fabric ??


these ones are iron-on, but maybe they have sew-on ones too at the store.

I Googled “personalized clothing labels” & got TONS of results



Excellent work super sleuths!

We got some from Charmwoven for my mom a while back (the master knitter) that say “Hand Knit by Grandma Goose” (that’s what all the g-kids call her). They are soooo cute and I’d love to get some for myself now that I know how to knit and am giving handknit gifts! :smiley:

Thanks for the reminder!

There’s a tutorial for making your own at this blog:


What an awesome link! Thanks Anna.

OK I just have to say this is the koolest thing I’ve seen…today.

That is really cool! I bet if I really, really tried, I could do that.
:slight_smile: kimmie

Wow, great link Anna, that’s a great idea!!!

Kimmie, I got a few kinds from NameMaker.com. I put up pictures of them on thispage.


Glad to be of service. I just came across it by accident in my daily blog reads. Didn’t think it would be so useful so soon. :lol: