Handmade by... Labels

I know we have visited this issue before but I can’t find the previous thread:pout:
I want to order the Handmade by… labels that you sew into your FO, but can’t seem to find a good site. Do any of you have them or have a recommendation? I don’t need/want a custom design, just something that I can put my name on

I would like to know this too.

Hmmm, I might actually knit something one of these days that I would actually want to put my name on. :rofling:

It’s been awhile, since I’ve just picked knitting up again, but I used to get those type labels from sewing stores? You could order them and have your name embroidered in which I found very pretty. Don’t know how much this helped, but good luck!

I’ve done this before and it turned out really nice

Try this site: www.charmwoven.com
I’ve ordered from this company before and was pleased with the labels. They come on a roll and have to be cut apart, but that keeps them together.

My SIL gave me these for my birthday. There’s a few others on the site.

A while back Grumperina did a tutorial on making your own

I looked around a lot when I started my hat project, and Herrschner’s has the best deal
$4.99 for 20
$7.99 for 40

I have some 8.5 by 11 sheets of fabric with paper back that you can print on. You can make all sorts of different lables. You just print, rinse, let dry, then sew.

I’ve also seen them at some (but not all) Hancock fabric stores.

wow, they even ship worldwide…cool… Are they itchy? When i buy clothes, the labels sometimes are so itchy i cut them out immediately. Anyone tried to wear the stuff with labels?:?? I’d love an answer, as it seems like a nice idea when you’re giving away knitted presents, but the allergic factor is important.

They are not as soft as the yarn, plus you have to be careful not to so on in a way that won’t allow the knitted fabric to do its stretch thing. I try to sew them somewhere that the scratch fator won’t be a problem, like the bottom ribbing of a sweater.

I use this one http://www.namemaker.com/ and I like it.

Thanks to everyone for the links! I’ve been thinking I need to get some labels for the items I plan to knit for the holidays, so I’ve bookmarked them all.

I love this site, y’all are so helpful that you answer questions before I even have the chance to ask! :lol:

Marjorie Bruce must be a very prolific needleworker. She’s on all the labels! :wink:

Thanks from me, too. Great topic!

Hummingbird, where did you find fabric with paperbacking?

I placed an order for labels from namemaker.com. I will let you all know how they come out!