Handdyed Yarn Keychains

Hello everyone…something new/different for everyone. I made one for myself and thought, hey, maybe others would like to carry yarn around with them all the time…LOL


In my shop for sale now. Thanks for visiting!

Those are so cute!!! :inlove:

Very creative too!

I love those! So cute.

Very cute! I’ve seen little skeins like that made into earrings before too. :smiley:

That is really cute! What a clever idea.

Those are adorable! I would be worried about it catching on stuff in my purse though. :thinking:

OMG>>>>I love this :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Am going to place an order on Thursday…hope you still have some left, what a fantastic idea.

Rhy :inlove:

Got mine today! Thanks again!! :cheering:

You’re welcome Andrea! Sure hope you enjoy them!! :XX:

Thanks Rhy and I sure do…come on over!! It’s a $1 to ship more than one…

:shock: Holy Cow, i almost forgot, good thing i get reminders in my email…sheesh, been home this wk, not feeling well…lots of knitting done though, just finished a poncho for my 1.5yr old niece in heather green lopi…yum, i hope that she likes it(from the Easter Bunny) i’ll send a pic as soon as my daughter can take a sec to help me out…hahaha

Rhy :XX:

Yep, made my order…can’t wait.

Thanks again!

Rhy :XX:

Thanks so much Rhy! Did you receive your order yet? Hope you did…mail can be so slow!

Nope, not yet, but not worried here…as an avid Ebayer & living in Canada I know alllll about how long it can take…these are soooo cute(well worth the wait)

Thanks again, great deal & such a unique item…You Rock!!

Rhy :smiley:

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I just love my new keychain!!!

Now my Mum wants one…hehe.

Thanks so much, what a terrific idea!

Rhy :happydance:

You’re welcome and I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Take care,