Handbook for knitter

Hi, what book (s) did you choose as your handbook?
i’m now interesting in Knitting Answer and The Knitter’s Handbook (the last is by Elaine Rowley)…
but i don’t know which one is the best…other source told me Stitch n bitch is the best…I didn’t see any in my local book store (i don’t live in usa) but i know those books from amazon.com…i read the comments but still confused…it’s just unconvincing…because, i found in my library one book that has good rating in amazon.com but when i saw inside, well, quite confusing and doesn’t have good illustration too…

i need: detail and ofcourse clear illustration (like step by step). I also need information about: adding and changing colors in knitting, finishing, sewing techniques for knitting, a lot of illustration about knitting terms, more than 1 casting on and bind off…

what book that has more (or most) complete information with clear picture/illustration and explanation according to you?

As simple as they are, the Harmony Guides to knitting are really well done. I’m not sure if you can find them where you are, but it would be worth a Google search. There are several, from basic techniques to different stitch patterns and such.


I’d certainly second what Ingrid says about the Harmony Guides - I’ve got the [I]Knitting Techniques[/I] one - covers a huge range of topics but doesn’t blind you with science.

Try e-bay UK, that’s where I got mine from - most booksellers on there will post to US no problem.

All the Best

I love Vogue Knitting. The other book I like is The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons.

It is out of print but if you hapen to see it at trift stores or used book stores snatch it. It is fantastic.

I really like The Knitter’s Companion. It covers a lot of basic skills and is small enough to fit in my knitting bag. I do have Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, too, and I really like it, but it’s a lot bigger, so it takes up more space in my bag.

I hope that helps!

Knitting For Dummies, taught me, so simple to read. i love it.

I’m searching this book (harmony guides to knitting) in amazon.com…but there’s quite a lot of searc result…who is the author?