Handbag's handles question

Im trying to do a Bernat handbag. These are the instructions for the handles.

Handles: With RS of work facing
and smaller needles, pick up and
knit 30 sts along side of bag. Cast
on 45 sts (handle). 75 sts in total.
Knit 4 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS).
Rep for other side. Sew end of each
handle to Bag.

I dont understand how can I do that. Im think in doing them just knitting two pieces and attaching to the bag.

Is there a photo or a link?

I understanding picking up the sts, as this will firmly attach the handle to the bag, but if you only knit 4 rows you will have no loop to double over and then re-attach to the bag. Does seem odd. We must be interpreting something incorrectly.

Sounds like you’ll be knitting a handle that’s 4 stitches wide and 75 long. Not quite visualizing why it would be completly attatched to only one side of the bag though. Is it one of the bags on the Bernat website? Would help to see a picture

The picture is in the Bernat’s website. I can’t post it here.

Is this the Bernat Cotton Market Bag? Pick up the 30sts along one edge of the work (the 24 inch long edge) from the original cast on to the cast off. This is really putting a gathered edging onto the side of the bag and you need this to gather the side up. Then do a cable or knit cast on of 45 more sts for the actual handle itself. Work the 4 rows and cast off.
Repeat on the other edge to gather it and make the second handle.
There’s a video under Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Cast On, if you’d like to see the cast ons for the handle itself.

[LEFT]This is what your needle will look like after you:[/LEFT]
pick up 30 [COLOR=red]cast on 45[/COLOR]

XXXXXXXX this is the part you already knit

If it’s the market bag, it doesn’t look like you can skip this step and just make the handles seperately

@salmonmac How can you post the url or website?

Im still lost :frowning:

Post a link by highlighting a word in you message text and clicking on the little blue globe above the text window. Another window will open with space for the URL.

For the bag, lay it out on a table with the cast on edge nearest you and the cast off edge farthest away from you. It should be pretty much a rectangle that bulges out a bit in the middle. Put your right hand on the right side edge. You need to pick up 30 sts all along that edge. After you’ve picked up the 30sts, cast on (knit or cable cast on) 45sts which will look like extra sts extending out from the edge. Now knit 4 rows on the 75 sts (45 will be the handle and 30 will be finishing up and gathering in the side of the bag).
When you’re finished, do the same thing for the left hand side.