Handbag HELP

:?? [color=brown][/color]I’m having a hard time understanding this pattern I found in our library for a bag type purse. It says: For Front and Back, Cast on 35 stitches and work 4 rows in garter stitch and then change to st. st. and work until piece measures 10 inches. (So far so good.) Then leave sts. on a spare needle. Huh?
Side panel…Cast on 14 sts. Work in garter stich until work measures 10 in. Change to st. st. and work 12 rows straight. (Got it) Dec 1st stitch at each end of next and every following 4th row until 6 sts. remain, then cont. until work measures 20 in. Leave sts on a spare needle. Return to the cast on edge of the side panel and pick up and knit 14 sts. along cast on edge.
I guess what i"m not getting :wall: is when I do the first part which I already have done and left them on a spare needle…then what? Do I then cast on or start another ball of yarn and cast on or what? Please advise me if anyone understands :oops:

Yes. You are making each section of the handbag sepetatly. Once the sections are done, then you will pick up stitches to put your handbag together. Are you felting this bag?

No, i"m not felting…the yarn I"m using is called Handknit Cotton by Rowan and you knit using two strands of that and one strand of Kidsilk Haze by Rowan. So, you think every time it says leave sts on a spare needle that I just pick up another ball of yarn and start using that or just cut the yarn and start again? xxx
Let me finish writing out the rest of the pattern…
Using 9 circular needle, knit 6 sts of side panel, 35 sts of front pane, 6 sts of other side panel and finally 35 sts of back panel. Working in a circle, work 3 rows in k2, p2 rib.
And it goes on fron there telling how to make eyelet holes around the bag. I’m not that inexperienced but the pattern I"m following is not clear at all and you almost have to read between the lines as to what they are saying. I hate patterns like that.
:muah: Thanks alot for all your help!

Hi Again,
I just wanted to get back to you again. I am kind of at a lost. I think I would not cut the stand of yarn. I would start another skein. How many skeins does this pattern require? All I know is I have done some bags. And what I had to do is pick up stitches from tthe edge of the base. I started with casting on 40 sts once that section was done, I had to pick up stitches all the way around the bag which was 120 sts. Then I knitted from botton to top. Like a Hobo bags.
Does your pattern say pick up stitches? Or is all your seperate section look like a bag. Maybe once it is all done, you would only have to sew the seam in which you could cut the yarn? I am sorry I was not that helpful.