Hand washing baby alpaca sweater

I just finished a baby sweater and want to wash and block it. Doe anyone have any good tips on doing this so I don’t ruin the yarn. I understand cold water with a mild detergent. Thanks a lot. Tess:aww:

Here is some info on blocking:

Yes, you’re right. Cool water is best! Is the yarn ‘washable’ yarn? No matter, I’d still wash it by hand for the first go-round.

I use UNICORN FIBER WASH & RINSE for all my handknits, for blocking
them prior to seaming…and for cleaning them once I’ve worn them for a while!

Others like Eucalan. Available at Target, or yarn shops.

Others have used Woolite or mild hair shampoo. Although I’ve read the Woolite is not good for fine yarns. Something about the PH.