Hand Towels?

I want to make some small hand towels for the kitchen, the kind you wipe your hand off with after you wash them minda thing. Im sick of Boy taking all my good ones into the garage and getting them dirty with God only knows what. I’ve been checking out patterns for dishcloths but are they the same as hand towels?
Does anyone know of some good yarn that would be good for the kind of towel Im looking to make. I was thinking using Sugar and Cream. Im thinking maybe a linen blend might be good for absorbing water but Im not sure. Any ideas would help.

Jess :muah:

The Mason Dixon book has a cute Chevron hand towel. I made their moss pattern towel for my bathroom, but it might be too formal for your kitchen. The Chevron would be really cute, though.

Dishcloths are smallish squares for washing your dishes and wiping off the counters. A Dish towel would be a larger, more rectangular cloth. You could use the same pattern and same yarn, just make it bigger.


here is a pattern for a set, dish towel amd dish cloth. thought this might help.

Thank you guys. I dont care how fancy or not fancy they look. No one really comes over and it just hangs on either the dishwasher or oven. Im just sick of buying them and it would be a fun way to try new stitch patterns. More then likely the garage or the fish tank will claim them at some point :teehee:

I’m in the middle of a dish towel made with regular sugar and cream cotton yarn. I’m trying to use up left over bits of colored cotton from previous dishcloth projects. This is sort of successful, but of course I had to actually buy some more colors so I could have a technicolor rainbow variety. I’m using the Ball Band Dish cloth pattern in the Mason Dixon Book. I just made it wider and it will be longer.

As far as men and towels… I have been married for 14 and half years and I still cannot trust my husband with cloth. Particularly towels. My mom will cut up used towels and give them to him for gifts as rags. (This he loves) If I decide a towel is old and he can have it I cut it in half so he can see that it is now a rag. When we had to clean out my grandfathers house my husband got most of the rags he had a stash of. I’m always looking for things that are good for rags to discourage his use of my kitchen towels!!

Randomly enough I just bought a large amount of rags today. They are $1 for a bag of 40 at Big Lots.

You should knit “Kitchen” on all of them :teehee:
Something like the ones from knitty could be good, just keep repeating until it’s long enough.

Thanks, that’s great. Just wanted to note that they mixed up the sizes -
a dishrag that’s 20"x13"…?