Hand pain while knitting

Hello everyone does anybodys thumb hurts after knitting its has just started paining me and than if i dont stop the wrist than all the fingers and than it goes up and than arms and full hand

I used cotton yarns in my previous project and no such pain at all
Just when i over did arms and underarm used to hurt
And now for a new project im using acrylic yarn and using a bit smaller needles i thought that may be im using a small size of needle may b thats why my thumb is hurting so i shifted to bigger needle still the same

In knitting the same way as before no change at all is it that in acrylic yarn my thumb comes under a pressure
Just wondering
Could pls anyone guide me wht to do and what type of exercise to do
To save my self from big injury
Thank u

It sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome. It’s not uncommon among people who use their hands a lot like knitters, crocheters and people who use the computer a lot.

Stretching the muscles and resting them often is helpful. Some people like those hand worker gloves. If they get bad enough then it comes to surgery.

I had a problem a few years ago from the computer. It’s fine now. I just made sure to take rests and if something hurts I stop for awhile.

Thank u soo much