Hand dyed yarn bleed when blocked help!

Have just finished the spry shawl in greys and cream, have blocked using cold water and eucalan unscented for no longer than 5 mins or just over and the grey has run into the cream, it’s not the end of the world but am wondering if there is anyone who has had the same thing happen and if they managed to remove the colour from the light colour!
I have enclosed a pic of the shawl and the wool I used for the colour difference!

Any help would be much appreciated
Many thanks x

Welcome to KH!
The shawl looks beautiful. There’s none of the color haze that you sometimes see with bleeds of color. You treated it the right way with Eucalan/cold water. If you want to try washing that way again with a color catcher cloth it might help but the shawl is quite lovely as is.
For future projects with white you might try washing a test swatch or even wetting a strand of yarn and letting it dry on a white paper towel. Adding vinegar to the wash to set color helps if you’re concerned.

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As I said it’s not too bad, just a bit disappointed that some of the grey has been taken up by the lighter colour I think I may wash darker coloured skeins from now on before using in a project!
Many thanks for your wonderful comments!!
It’s so nice to find somewhere that I can finally ask knitting related questions as I have no other knitting friends!! :heart: