Hand dyed wool - what is your favorite brand of dye?

I’ve tried kool-aid dyeing a couple of times and have been thrilled with the results.

Here’s the problem. I don’t wait for the kool-aid to go on sale and ended up spending a ton of money on kool-aid last week. I like to use a lot because i like to have saturated colors. I don’t like the ones that look washed out or faded.

I’m wondering if a different kind of dye would be more cost effective (in the long run) and still produce saturated colors.

I see that KnitPicks has started carrying Jacquard dyes. Has anyone worked with these before? Do you like them?

Do you have a different favorite brand of dye?

I’ve heard good things about Jacquard but it is pretty $$$ compared to the alternatives.

I have acid dye direct from the Standard Dye company and it is the same as the acid dye at ProChemical. ProChemical has a lot more colors than I do though!

Gaywool is good too. Food coloring works, wilton’s food dye…things like that.