Hand-dyed color variations: How to handle

I just bought two skeins of Malabrigo for a scarf. While from the same colorway, there’s a bit of variation. One skein is a bit on the ‘lighter’ color side than the other.

The lady at the yarn store suggested alternating skeins: do a row or two from one skein, then a row or two from the other.

At first this made sense and I left the shop. But now I’m thinking: How do I know the color changes happen at the same place and in the same order?

If I’m knitting with color “A” from the first skein and it starts changing to color “B”, how do I know the second skein will also begin to change to color “B” at that point? It seems I could get to having back-and-forth stripes of the two colors until the second skein caught up.

Or…How do I know both skeins sequence the colors the same? What if skein #1 went from color “A” to color “B” and the second skein instead went from “A” to “C”? That would look really weird.

Or should I just knit up one skein, then switch to the other and trust that it will all match up nicely enough?

i’d switch every two rows… they both have similar colors, so it wouldn’t stand out at all in the finished product. the striping would be very subtle IMHO

check out ArtLady1981’s thread. she ended up having to do that with her Irish Hiking Scarf and it looks great. you really can’t tell she did anything different besides just following the pattern.