Hand cramping with Continental knitting?

Is this normal? I’m an English knitter and I just decided to give C a try. Is it that I am just not used to it? Maybe tense because I am trying something new?

Anyone experience this?

Yes, and

When i first started contio, i didn’t experience hand cramping so much as ARM cramping. Once I got the hang of knitting and started to relax, it went away. If it turns into numbness, though, I’d get it checked out.

When I first started I learned the American throw way and my hands felt horrible… About 2wks ago I decided to change to this and haven’t had any problems and it actually goes faster and smoother for me… :smiley:

I LOVE English knitting but have finally learned to do Continental. I do a few rows Continental when I want to go really fast but it’s just NOT RELAXING. I always revert back to English style because it is relaxing, and Continental/German just isn’t. Well, that’s the way it is for me!