Hancock Fabricks

Hi all,
I know that some people here sew as well as knit, so I thought I’d post this. Quite a few of the Hancock Fabric stores are going out of business. The company had to file Chapter 11, so fabric is on big sale.

Also, the one here where I live has yarn. I spent $112 but got a ton of yarn!!! I’ll have to get a pic. But I got 10 skeins of Lion Brand casmere, about 5 skeins of Cotton, and some sock yarn, oh, and some fabric.

OH BUMMER~!! I don’t sew but I know a couple of people who do and I will have to pass this information on to them~!! :pout:

Mine isn’t closing - they’ve got a Help Wanted sign in the window (so do almost all the businesses in town!). I went ahead and got some WoolEase for a sweater just because. Well, because it was 25% off this weekend!


Ours is closing and I got Knitting Over the Edge and Vogue Knitting for 30% off. There was a whole stack of books I wanted to get, so I’m checking back later to see if the discount increases.

My nearest Hancock Fabrics is 90 miles away. :pout:

oooh, I’m going to have to go check this out and see if mine is closing. I could pick up supplies for more quilted kitties. :thinking:

my Mom said the good stuff at the Hancock near her is going fast. Word travels quickly and lots of people are coming in to clean out the good stuff on sale… (the one near me closed years ago.)

Oooohhh…theres one here in Waco.

yeah if you have a store that is closing i wouldn’t wait around for prices to go toooo low… they will generally not go bottom dollar if other stores are staying open since they can just move stock.

Well, I just googled Hancock Fabrics to see if I could get in on some clearance yarn.

I live right outside of NYC.

My results:

Bethlehem, PA 77 miles.
Dickson City, PA 94 miles.
Springfield, MA 106 miles.
Wilmington, DE 125 miles.
Lancaster, PA 142 miles.

I guess I won’t be getting anything on clearance. :roflhard:

There’s one fifteen miles from me. Since your post, I’ve been watching the news to see if they’re closing. So far, no news. Letah, is the one in your town closing, or are they merely participating in a company-wide inventory liquidation sale?

i called the one near my mom and their phone system said their store was closing.

Ours is definitely closing. There is a petition you can sign in the store to try to keep it open. It’s also been on the local news lately, “Save Hancocks” but I don’t think it’ll work.

I didn’t call because I didn’t wish to sound … I dunno, grabby? But I just now called anyway, and they are closing. I told the woman who answered that I was sorry. She sounded dejected. I’ll head over there after work on Friday or Saturday. Thanks again! [size=2]I didn’t even know they were here.[/size]

Here’s the full list (or the latest one, anyway). Phew! My store’s not there.


ETA: Their site says they’ve declared Chapter 11, so they’re closing almost 150 stores in an effort to recover profits. Lame. The rest are staying open (for now! :oo: ). I’ll be ticked if mine goes under, since I’m mid-projects for our house. If I need more of this fabric…well, I guess I could always order it from their site. Kinda bummed I can’t get any smokin’ yarn deals, though.

Just checked the list and mine’s not closing, but I don’t believe mine carries yarn anyway. I’ve only been in there once, but I think I’ll go check it out.


Same here. :pout:

My Hancocks only carries Lion brand yarns. Not a huge selection but not terrrrrrrible. I don’t generally visit the yarn section while I am there though so they could have changed it… I am all about finding fabric when I go to that store

ummm… fabric that sits in a pile… :shifty:

The store down the street from me is STAYING OPEN!!! As are all of the MD Stores if the list is correct :slight_smile:

I’m so happy, because I just got a sewing machine and have just started sewing. :cheering:

I finally found mine here today!

The yarn was 30% off…and someone told me that after the 15th, everything goes down again…so thats when Ill got snag yarn.

They had TONS of Lions Brand Magic Stripes, Cotton, Kitchen Cotton, Wool Ease, and some other ones Ive never seen.

I only bought ONE pair of needles. :oops: