Halucinations, paranoia and just plain knitting psychosis

I have been working on this baby blanket. The pattern is a repeat of 11, so by the end of a row you can tell if you’re off. I have been doing pretty well and cruising along. Last night when the row did work out, I went back and realized I was missing TWO stitches. I thought that was very weird. I counted MANY times, because I just couldn’t belive it. I frogged a row or two and found what I thought were the missing stitches and then went knitting on my merry way. Keeping in mind that I was counting every row now because I was paranoid. So I knitted two or three rows and then bang, I have an extra stitch. I am telling you that I am halfway done with the blanket, I cannot for the life of me figure out how I lost two and then added three?

Anyway, there is nothing anyone can do for me, but I just know that one day, my husband will find me in the yarn room, completely surrounded and wrapped in yarn laughing maniacally and rocking back and forth!

:doh: Ouch! Sorry to hear it has been so rough!!! I completely understand your pain…and I’ve threatend to burn a blanket I’m working on!

Mine is a set of 7 stiches…times 25. I was having so many problems that I finally broke down and put a stitch marker every 7 stitches! That way I never had to count higher than 7!

Well, I made a baby blanket for a friend, and it had similar issues…because of the yarn I was using I could knit two together and make it work out without it being terribly apparent…

I am going to do a wave/ripple afghan with homespun, and I believe it has a repeat of 18…I will be having stitchmarkers every 18 stitches, just to make my life easier. I wish with the baby blanket that I had done that!

But oh yes I feel your pain!

I am knitting a heart-shaped pillow using TWO starnds of Fun Fur held together. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Stitches disappear, extra stitches appear, all manner of things happen. Not to mention the weirdness that has ensued when I try to weave in the ends.

Believe me, I am right there with you in the cackling maniacally phase!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

My DH always gets nervous when I’m sitting in the Knitting Throne muttering to myself. It usually means that the count’s not working out and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to loose my temper. :fingerwag: He hates that.

I’ve only thrown my knitting across the room once in the past month… that’s gotta be some kind of new record!

Let’s here it for stitch markers!

Amen, knit-sister! DH will often watch me knit, because he finds it fascinating … not enough to try it mind you. But he knows ‘that face’ means something’s wrong, and he generally avoids talking to me then.

I threw my needles across the house once … and the darling Goddess I share the house with … otherwise known as Isis the cat … decided my needles were toys, and proceeded to carry them around and bat at them.

I want a knitting throne!!

When I was first knitting, I did the wave/ripple throw that Kitkat is thinking of doing. I added one stitch every repeat. (I was new to knitting and didn’t understand the whole repeat thing) THIS is what happened!

All hail counting and stitch markers! :notworthy: I will never again shun their use!!!


It’s a knitted tree skirt! :wink:

Well it happened again last night. Finished the five rows of garter and switched to chevron pattern, and I had an extra stitch! I have never had this many stitch issues on one little project! OY!

I love that throw! That’s so awesome!

I find that certain patterns just seem to do that way more than others! Ugh! I completely understand!

I’m not sure if that’s a throw anymore, or just a Really Big Shawl.
You have ALL of my envy, darlin’ - I love big shawls.