Halter tops and hats

Love those bobbles!!! Did a second hat with them all around in three colors…yarns are same as my first hat…thrift store multi colored yarn, coral baby soft and blue baby soft.

The halter top called “daring halter top” from book Knitting Pretty is E A S Y… Just have to make a simple ribbing of 2K 2P for 2 or 3 inches depending on size, then K st st 2" and then st st…with decreases at e/o row with K1, K2tog, at first end and last three sts sl1, K 1 and slip it over the slipped stitch, and K 1 till there are 16 stitches left at top, bind off.
Add four straps with three picked up stitches of garter stitch. I added the coral on blue stripe running through the strap for added pizzaz! :lol:

They look great! I don’t have the courage to make myself that much of a laughing stock by wearing a halter top, but my girls do… the one you finished looks great, and you have a wonderful start on your second!

Nor do I have any intention of wearing these…they will be gifts if they fit my 12 yr old grand daughter, or they go to the consignment shop to try and sell them. Just letting fingers dance over yarn…

:smiley: I love your tops & your hat…I love, love bobbles, too :smiley:

Very pretty! I really like the halter tops – cute pattern.

Great job - that hat does look like a lot of fun!!