Halp! plzkthx. ^_^

Okay, so I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit. But here’s the thing: I learned from my Grandmother, I learned as a kid, and she didn’t care much for teaching me stitch names, etc.

So, I know some, but I don’t know what I know. . . . does that make sense? The only proper name I know for anything I do is the chain stitch.

So here’s the thing. I’m wanting to brush up on my crochet so I can whip up a few amigurumi ornaments for mom for the holidays. BUT, I find myself in need of the KH eq of a crochet site! So, I’m posting here.

I know about Crochet Me. But… that’s pretty much it. And while cute and useful, doesn’t exactly scream “Lesson!”

I need crocheting for dummies - without the book. I need online help, interaction with other crocheters, happy hookers - I need videos! Pictures! Need input!

So… halp?

for videos of all types of stitches, check

the new crochetme.com site has boards for getting help

Ravelry has many active crochet boards with helpful people too (the crochet liberation front is especially fun)

crochetville.org is the biggest online presence for crochet with help boards, project boards, etc.

have fun!