Hallowig patter help please

I’m attempting the hallowig from knitty
I’m having a hard time understanding the decrease part
it says:

Begin decrease round by working decreases over bangs.
Decrease Round
*Work in rib as set to marker color 1, slip marker, k1, ssk, rib as set to 3 sts before marker color 2, k2tog, k1, slip marker.
Rep from *. Work this round every round until 6 sts rem between markers.
Work to marker color 1 (right edge of bangs section).
Next Round: *Sl marker, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, sl marker, [p2tog, k2] to 2 sts before next marker, p2tog. Repeat from * once.

My confusion comes from the diagram of stitch placment, if marker color one is on the right side of the bang, does that mean for me to pass all the other markers on my way to marker color one with no decrease?? also there are 2 color 1 markers and 2 color 2 makers… I’m SO confused javascript:emoticon(’:??’)
Scratching Head


I made this a long time ago. Let me look at the webpage and see what’s going on.

Yeah OK I remember this now. I had to frog many times before I got this one. So what yer doing is decreasing at the markers. I don’t know why the markers are the same colors. That messed me up too. So if I remember correctly, you are slipping the marker and decreasing every round till you only have a small number of stitches. Its funky this way cuz yer making bangs. Once you do a few rows, it starts to make sense. But the first few a re like :??

ok, so the first row of decrease, I go all the way from center front with no decrease til I get to marker color 1 … Marker color 1 at the front right of the bangs is where I start my decrease row? Right?

One more question

Wont the decreasing over the rib mess up the rib pattern?/ after my first decrease I have 1 lone purl stitch in a rib, so do I just keep up with the pattern I already have or do I purl on a knit to keep the 2x2 going?? :??

sorry for all the questions, I’m just so confused


With the decreases it keeps the rib wether its 2x2 or 1x1. As Ingy says, trust the pattern. :happydance: