Halloween hat

I have a friend here in Savannah who is originally from South Dakota. I knit this hat for her 4-year old granddaughter who is in SD since it’s still so hot here by Halloween, my granddaughter wouldn’t get much use from it. I used Knit Pick’s Swish for this.

Cute hat.

I agree with Sherl. Adorable hat. Even better signature.

TreshaRuthe…glad you agree! My middle name is also Ruth. Great minds think alike!

Wish it were my middle name, but it’s actually my married name. :smiley: So feel free to just call me Tre’sha. (Most people can’t manage my middle name, but my full name means Precious Soul.)

That’s adorable! Want me to post the actual picture instead of the link?

What beautiful work on an adorable hat. The colors and pattern are perfect!

Very cute and great work!!!

Very rich colors! Great work!