Halloween freak!

Hello everyone!
I am looking forward to fall and winter so i can knit for Christmas and Halloween. I recently found a yarn sale:inlove:(60 cents marked down from $4.00!!!) and i went a little nuts. Among my walmart finds is a ball of flourecent green yarn that i want to make halloween mittens with. But what i’d really like is to make mitts with a big black spider patterns on the front. I’ve done duplicate stitching before and i dont’ really like doing it on mittens so i’d prefer to just do it as i go. I’ve never done that before but it sounds like fun. So my question is does anyone have a patterns for me? And if i’m doing this as a i go is it called Interstarsia? Anyway- please send me a pattern that would work!!! THANKS

Umm…perhaps ask your question on the pattern thread but people can’t generally ‘send you’ patterns because of copyright. You can always look up patterns by using a google search.

Not ‘thread’ sorry but the Pattern forum. Just post there and ask if people know where halloween patterns can be found online.

If you have a picture of a spider you can use this software to develop a chart to follow on the mittens using intarsia.

sorry,i feel dumb. i thought this classed as a general knitting question. I’ll go to the other forum

Thanks Sara Jayne. I was looking for something just like that!!! If only i were more computer savey-i’ll have to try to figure that out! I don’t even know what a pdf is.

Don’t feel dumb, there’s nothing wrong for asking for help with finding patterns, even if it didn’t go in the right thread!

There are tons of free patterns online, and this is a great place to start:


No problem! I’ve never used it myself but I know lots of people have used it with great success. A PDF is a type of computer file - it can be read through Adobe Acrobat reader - which is free to download here. The other thing you can do is just use graph paper to sketch it out yourself (I’m not artistic enough for that :wink: )

This site (which also requires Adobe!!!) will print out cutsom size graph paper and that might be a help also.

Good luck!

I apologise if I led you to feel dumb. It was more the issue of people ‘sending you patterns’ that caught my eye. You may be unaware that we’ve had a few copyright issues on the forum. I also thought posting on the other forum may actually bring you more responses because posters in the past have indicated they don’t always look at this forum.

i did it! I got the spider up on the grid… i still need him to be smaller! I wonder if i can figure it out?

You gave me just what i needed Sara Jayne! I’ll print some paper and just do it my self!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!


Now, all I ask is that you post a picture of the spider mittens when they are finished!!! :wink:

Gosh that was fast! I offered you an apology on the pattern forum and said you could send spiders to maul me if you wanted to.

Spiders helped warn a family the other day that their house was on fire!

<----------Not a fan of Spiders!! But I love innovations!! That software is awesome -

Good luck with your mittens - I just ask you to put a warning in the title when you post the pictures :slight_smile: