Halloween already?

My girls are 2 and 3. My 3 year old keeps going back and forth between a princess, Dora, and a superhero! They both play SuperSylver and SuperPaegan (their names). And the 2 year old got a super man “s” shirt yesterday from her nanny. Craziness!!! The little one just wants to be whatever the oldest is. It was so much easier when I planned it L I guess I better put the knitting down and get sewing!! :roflhard: (courtesy of 3 yo)

I hear you!!! my daughter wants to be, in random order: Wonder Woman, or SUpergirl, or an Angel, or a Princess. (depending on the hour.)

Whatever it is, she says she needs “pretty shoes”. LOL.

Pass the candy corn, and the mini snickers bars please!!!

(I am “cheating” this year and ordering her costume. just can’t add any more projects…)

My daughter wanted to be a princess…so her costume is already in the closet…yesterday my son came home and said he decided to be a vampire…5mins later or maybe a Power ranger…2 mins later or maybe a Pirate…and of course now my little girl wants to be a Vampire Princess (she doesn’t even know what a vampire is, but cause brother came home from school saying he wanted to be on that is all that matters):teehee:

Don’t forget to pass the candy corn this way, that is my favorite!

I have thought about “cheating” it would be sooo easy.:aww: My mom always made mine, but she sewed everything and stayed at home. I would like to continue the tradition, but sigh we will have to see!

[QUOTE=dustinac;953288]now my little girl wants to be a Vampire Princess (she doesn’t even know what a vampire is, but cause brother came home from school saying he wanted to be on that is all that matters)

That is an easy last minute add on, just a little bit of brother’s face make up! If he sticks with that! Good luck!

My son has been steadfast in his determination to be Spider-man since Nov. 1st of last year. My daughter has been changing her mind all year. She wants to be a pink ballerina, or a purple ballerina, or Black Cat (from Spider-man cartoons), or Wonder Woman…or a pink and purple ballerina. I think the ballerinas will win out, I just have to get her to settle on a color!

My mom always made ours too…She made my son’s first couple of costumes…me and a sewing machine don’t really mix well lol…

yeah, if he goes with that would be an easy fix…although knowing Roo she won’t want the make up on and just go as a princess after a long discussion about it…:teehee:

Mariblue, good luck on getting her to settle on a color…maybe you could find one that has both colors in it…:teehee:

I have always wanted to do Raggedy Ann and Andy with them…but Isaiah always says no…and dh doesn’t like the idea either… I think it would be cute…

there’s a dutch country market here that has a candy shop that stocks the BEST candy corn in the fall… Mmmmmmmm

My mom alwyas made our costumes too- but we were “gypsies” for several years in a row- all Mom’s costume jewelry and a sparkly skirt and a kerchief… kids now have more definite ideas of how costumes are “supposed” to look, and my sewing skills don’t compete.

I make my kid’s costumes every year. I refuse to pay the prices for costumes in the store. Even though my son wants to be Spider-man, I was able to find a pattern for it on ebay. I like the look of homemade costumes anyway, and that’s probably a good thing, because we couldn’t afford to purchase store bought costumes for all of us!
Halloween is a big deal for us, because I throw a big party every year for my kids and their friends. My children have food allergies, so this is one way for me to be able to let them have some fun treats, without worrying about whether or not they are allergic to some candy that was given to them.

NOOOOOOO! It can’t be time already! My kids are use to a mix of store bought and homemade but which will it be this year. DD (11) want to be some sort of goth princess sort of thing, and ds(7) wants to be a digimon. Please let these be cheap store bought creations. I have too much to do. Maybe I should plan a goodwill visit. Someone told me I might have some luck there.

Having your own party is a great idea!! I bet it is tons of fun. and I bet your costumes look fantastic- I hadn’t though of looking for patterns on eBay- maybe I’ll see what’s out there.

I did buy a couple “lightly used” costumes off eBay when K was a baby and it was great and cheap for dress up stuff.

I saw the cutest “pokemon”/ trading card/ collecting card costume last year. The kid took 2 large pieces of posterboard, then drew his favorite trading card on the posterboard (both sides of the card front on one piece, back on another) then wore the posterboards. It was so original and clearly his creation. and it didn’t cost much money. (he got extra candy!)

I love seeing kids all dressed up- I’m the one who stays home to hand out candy so I can see all the neighborhood kids.

Well, my sewing skills aren’t perfect by any means :teehee:. But I do like to make costumes for my kids, and play clothes, etc. Mostly stuff they wouldn’t wear out of the house. But I have been working on making more stuff for them of better quality. It’s fun. My mom used to make clothes for us, and I remember she would spend a lot of time on getting the seams just right, etc. It’s really an exercise in patience for me!

I love original costume ideas like that pokemon card one, it encourages kids to use their imaginations, which can never be a bad thing!