Hallmark Book Coupon

I went to the Hallmark store today to buy an advertised book for my grandaughter for Christmas. It’s the Christmas Story and you can record your voice reading the story.
I thought it was on sale ($19.00) but discovered you have to have a coupon otherwise it’s $29.00. I made puppydog eyes at the cashier, explained it was for my only grandchild who lives far away but she wouldn’t help me out. She told me the coupons were sent in the mail.
Came back to work and looked on line to see if I could get a coupon………site said maximum number of hits had bee made and no more were available.
Just wondered if anyone had a coupon for the book (it’s good til 11/24) that they weren’t going to use. I would gladly reimburse you for postage.
Just a thought!! THANKS!

(posted on Ravelry as well)