Halfdome from knitty

Hi all–

Have several FOs to post, but I thought I would start with this one. My colleague here at the University where I work isn’t used to ‘cold’ weather. Not that the “upper south” gets that cold…at least from a Minnesotan’s point of view. :teehee:

So to help him keep the hot air in his head, I knit him “halfdome” from knitty. I used dark navy and coast grey in knitpicks swish superwash.

the pic is of the recipient modeling the hat.

I love the color choices!!

What a great job - so nice of you to make that for a co-worker!

Cool hat. DH is soon to begin a treatment in which he is likely to lose his hair. I think I’ll knit him this hat. I like it.

That’s a great guy hat. your coworker is so lucky.

That should keep his head warm! Nicely done!