Half-life of creativity

Hi, I’m Heather Susan Rainwater Campbell, thus HSRC :smiley:

I started knitting one month ago, December 12 2010, by picking up a yarn that felt nice (bernat baby jaquards) and a pair of needles that were indicated on the label of the yarn (size 5 aluminum). It was about $5 and I figured if I never did anything with it, it was at worst an inexpensive loss.

I cast on 42 stitches, then did the knit stitch. A lot of times. I found out later it was called garter stitch. I went back and fixed things I’d messed up, picked back up a few dropped stitches, even put the whole thing back on the needle after my 2 year old pulled it completely off. So I have a scarf now. It’s even width from one end to the other, which my friend Anna says means that I didn’t change tension as I learned. (Her first scarf was much wider at the beginning edge and got narrower.)

Now what?

It sounds like you learned a lot with that scarf. No one can really tell you what to make next because there is no guideline that says you learn techniques in a certain order. Thank about what you want to make. Do you need another scarf and did you enjoy making the last one? If so maybe another one with different stitches is what you need. My goal when I started knitting was to be able to make a sweater. They seemed insanely hard at that time. Three mos later I made a simple pullover. :slight_smile:

BTW… do you want to start a blog thread? Or do you want me to move this to the General Forum where more people will see it. Very few people visit here anymore.

Knitting can really take its toll and eventually you would run out of ideas you would want to accomplish. What I would do is to look for inspirations from blogs or even some stores which carry the same items. You do not have to do something grand but just something that would let you practice what you have.

Or you could do something similar to what I did. From cross stitching, you can jump to knitting or do the reverse.