Haiku trouble... please tell me it can be fixed!

I’m using Bernat Softee baby to knit this cardigan to keep busy and I’ve encountered a big problem! This pattern is knit on the side all in one piece. So by the time I’ve reached across the other end where the buttonholes are, I’ve now realised one side is shorter than the other! Do you see it? Can this be fixed? I don’t know how it happened! :shrug: Can acrylic be blocked? :pray:

Um, maybe I should attach the pic

Did you end up with a different # of stitches?? Is the one side just more stretched out than the other? Unfortunately, acrylic cannot be blocked. The only suggestion I can think of, if it seems that the one side is just stretched out more than the other, is to wash it and put it through the dryer to maybe even things out. There’s no guarantee though and you may end up having to rip it back :frowning: .

It could be that since one edge is cast on and one is bound off, there is a difference in tension. I imagine the buttonholes have an effect, too.

Do you add a border to the bottom? That might help.

Or you can take out the bound off edge and try to bind off a bit looser. :??

Knitqueen, its the same number of stitches :pout:

Ingrid, there’s no border to it… I guess, I could try one. I’m such a chicken… I’m afraid to rip it back, but since it seems to be the only option, I’ll give it a try. :gah: