"Haiku" sweater - how easy? Advisable project?

I’m thinking ahead a bit… my first “real” project is in progress right now, a dishcloth with a sailboat on it. :slight_smile:

After that, I’m going to make a dishcloth with a lighthouse I think…

THEN after that, I figure I could maybe make something for my son to wear!

I would love to do a project with Noro wool and this Haiku sweater looked easy and quick.

Can anyone give me advise on whether that would be a good project? Will it be too soon for me to do clothing with expensive-ish yarn?

If anyone’s knitted this sweater and has any pics or advice, I’d love to hear about that too!!!


It doesn’t look difficult, and you could certainly get all the help you need here. If you don’t mind hand washing it, I say go for it. Personally, I refuse to hand-wash kids’ things, so I usually use Plymouth Encore for their stuff, and save the good yarn for me. :wink:

Oh, geez, I didn’t think of that! Yeah, that’s a horrible idea… I’d be handwashing the thing every day!

Does anyone have a nice variegated yarn in cotton colors that are like Noro that I could use?

Hey, Noro has a cotton line (don’t they?), could I use those?

Hmmm, Manos del Uruguay is who I was thinking of that has cotton yarn available.

Would that be an appropriate yarn to use for this sort of project, do you think?

Thanks so much for all of your help! :heart:

I have no advice on yarn ~ I’m still learning all of that myself. The sweater is very cute though and doesn’t sound like it would be too much of a hassle. I’m sure the ladies here would be more than willing to help! Good luck picking out yarn.

I made this using Cotton-Tots yarn which was not my favorite yarn. I found it tiring to knit with, but it’s washable cotton & soft for babies. I would say that it is a fairly easy pattern and it turns out cute. It certainly is worth a try!