Haiku in Teal

This pattern is called Haiku and I got it free from Knitty. I started it last winter to see if it was easy enough for a beginning knitter. I found it again the last week or so and finished up the last sleeve and got the buttons on it. :cheering: for me. I’m not good about getting back to stale projects.

It is designed using your own yarn and gauge and you plug it into the pattern. I thought it was very easy and I like the boxy design. In the picture my neckline looks all wonky but it wasn’t really. :??

The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease and it is teal despite the picture. The design seems slightly Oriental to me and I got buttons that had that feel. They are gold and have a little bluish flower etched on them. DH had a hard time getting good pictures. The closeup he did in the computer’s scanner, the color is off, but you can see the buttons a little better than any other picture he got.

I gave the sweater to a friend’s granddaughter.

And the scanner closeup----

Very nice.

my goodness that is so pretty

It’s beautiful! I love the design, love the buttons! Nice work.

That’s so cute! I’ve made the baby one, but someday I’d like to make the adult version, too.

I said it before and I’ll say it again:

[SIZE=7]WOW! :passedout:

Wonderful work!


Lovely work :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous!!!

:inlove: veyr pretty!

Gorgeous! You did a great job on that!

very nice!! I know what you mean about stale projects…I tend to frog them rather than try and figure out where I was - I have a hard time getting back into the “swing” of the project!