Haiku cardigan

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My sister just came back from a cruise that included stopping in Puerto Rico, and she went to the walmart there and picked me up 2 red heart super saver skeins :oo: (she’s not a knitter) and two skeins of Bernat Softee Baby yarn - one skein pink and the other blue. I’m thinking of making this cardigan for two ladies that recently had baby girls. So, it seems simple enough but where I’m to calculate the stitches per inch has me a little confused. So the bernat site says that for this yarn the tension (which I’m interpreting to mean the gauge) is 22sts/30 rows = 4" (10 cm). How do I work from there? To get my gauge, would I cast on 22 sts and knit 30 rows to get 4 inches and then measure out and inch and count how many stitches corresponds to the measurement OR do i just cast on 6 sts (22 initial stitches divided by 4 inches to give 5.5 stitches rounded up to 6) and just knit an inch? I would love to start this when I get home as I’m still waiting waiting waiting for my yarn to get here (the yarn for the sonata crest wave tank is in the port waiting to be processed and the other big order is still in New York waiting for my cousin to post it to me :wall: ) and I’m trying to keep the knitting flame alive and burning so I won’t dwell on my frustration.

Thank you!


Rather than trying to make a 4-inch swatch, cast on stitches that are more than 4 inches. If you make a 5 inches swatch, then you can actually measure 4 inches of knitting without the edge stitches. I wouldn’t worry too much about the row gauge, since this formula only asks for stitch gauge and has you knit for a certain number of inches. I bet you could get away with making a swatch that’s about two inches long and 5 inches wide and get a pretty good measure of your stitch gauge.

:?? Ok… so when I cast on stitches amounting to five inches on the needle, and then knit two inches worth of work, how would I determine what my stitch gauge is?

Thanks Ingrid

Measure across a row of knitting and count how many stitches you have in 4 inches of it. That’s your stitch gauge.

:muah: Thanks Ingrid… makes sense!

One more question? Since in the pattern it says “Gauge=…sts per inch” then I would just divide the amount I get by four right?

Yes. :thumbsup: