The dog has taken a playful interest in my needles lol

Did you mean to have a pic?

No…was on my own and he was trying to play with them while I was knitting. It was funny so I wanted to share. lol. Yes I know - a photo would be very handy

When I’m at my DD’s one of the chihuahuas always want to get involved in my knitting. He mostly ends up sharing his hair with my yarn and project.

My 2 yr old was trying to mess with my new Denise set. How bout no! D:

That’s a bit scary. Of the various needles I’ve had experience with the DN seem least likely to inflict injury. They still are a NO! Little tykes are so very good at figuring out how to get things they want, aren’t they?

I don’t have a dog, but my cat has decided that sitting on the arm of the chair and putting her head on my chest and front paws on my arm while I’m trying to knit is helping me. Crazy animals!!