HAD to share my new knitter!

And its not Sommer my oldest! She still swears by her little knitting machine. Sara (my 7 year old) came up to me while I was working on one of my many projects and asked me if I could teach her! :happydance:
So I got out my size 10 some yarn, cast on and did the first row with her watching, knitted two stiches on the next row while she held the needles and then sat next to her and talked her through the rest of the row. That girl caught on so fast! I could not believe it. I realize that she will need a refresher tomorrow but it is so cool! She knitted another 2 rows with little help from me after that. Then I had to make supper so she put her knitting away with mine and helped me cook. :inlove:

And to top it all off do you know what she said to me?! First thing that she wants to make is a scarf. Not for herself but for poor people! Next on her list? Her teacher! :inlove: Man that kid is great. (My other kids are great as well I am just very proud right now hehehe) It was so cool sitting next to her listening her tell me all the scarves that she wants to knit and when she takes the scarves to the poor she wants to take her old coats as well. Wow. Sadly I have no pics of her knitting because I still can not find my camera but I used my daughters little toy digi camera and took a pic of her first piece. Is it awful that I am trying to talk her into letting me have her first knitted piece instead of the poor? hehehe I am thinking that I want to keep her in this line of thinking though so I will knit some scarves to donate as well. :thumbsup: Allright I am done gushing :roflhard:

That’s precious. :heart: I wish I were that willing to give away my knitting. :roflhard: I’m getting better at it, though. :oo:

That’s so cool! She’s doing a good job…and so are you, mom. :wink:

My 10 yr old niece asked me to teach her and she’s doing really well, too. :cheering:

They are like SPONGES at that age, arent they??


Ive seen several little girls, aged 8 or so, taking classes with their moms at the LYS…its AWESOME!

Oh they are! I could not believe how fast she picked it up. I am already planning trips to the yarn store with her :roflhard:

It’s amazing what they can learn when you teach them things! And now when you go to the yarn shop, you can call it good parenting rather than stash enhancement!! I love the fact that she wants to donate to charity.

That is awesome…I taught my oldest daughter to knit about 6-7 years ago and it lasted for awhile, but then she didn’t continue with it. :frowning:
Oh well…Enjoy your time together knitting. It can result in great conversations with your daughter, especially as she gets closer to the teenage years :shock:

She did a great job!!~~Lisa

:happydance: That is so very cool!! I’d be gushing too, lol! She is doing a great job, and what a sweetie to think of others!!! Maybe you can convince her to make a “gauge swatch” (even tho she doesn’t need it, lol) so you can keep that and give the scarf away.

:cheering: good for her-and you!

Yeah… I’ve been trying to teach my Daughter (10 soon) and my wife how to knit… the wife kinda picked it up… cause she crochets…

But the daughter… I have given up on… for 1) she’s left handed and 2) has no patience…

But I will have to admit… before I started to knit, I had no patience either… I’m getting better…

I need to find a class or something that can teach her left handed knitting… I tried to teach her right handed… and it just confused her… cause holding the needles and yarn was un=natural… so it kinda turned her off as well…

[color=darkred][size=7]GREAT!!! [/size] I think kids can pick up knitting faster than adults.

I taught my oldest to knit when she was 4, and I was knitting for her soon to arrive baby sister.
Unfortunatly she has no interest in knitting now. Or at least not yet.[/color]

Oh that’s wondeful! Yay Sara! :cheering:

Her first knitting looks better than mine did! :rofling:

That’s great! How sweet of her to want to donate it.

Mom and Dad are doing a good job and I’m not talking about knitting. A 7year old thinking about the poor is an extraordinairy thing. Kudos.

Wonderful!! :cheering:

that is so cute!

i was young when i first learned too, but never kept up with it. wish i had. :doh:

So cool! She sounds like a great kid.

That is great!!! Im so happy for her… and for you! I bet you are so proud of her!!!

She will have all the basicsby the time she is 10!!! :cheering:

:XX: :thumbsup: