Had to share - Good Experience

Just received my order from http://www.kyarns.com/. Which I found because of this thread (thank you Jax3303:hug:):


I ordered it Friday aft. and it was waiting for me today when I got home from work – I was tickled… :happydance:

I had been waiting for some Malabrigo yarn to make my niece the scrunchable scarf, as she is going to New Zealand in October… I think that’s why she wants it… I digress: that will be for my “how to” thread as I haven’t any clue to cast on # or needle size! :lol:

Anyway… when it arrived, there were four furry balls of light blue Suri Merino… hmmm, I thought… where did those come from… then I remembered I had ordered them because they were on sale. I had completely forgotten! It was a great surprise! I know knot what I shall do with it, but guess I will figure out what it’s good for and find something… any suggestions?

Just wanted share! Have a great one!

New Zealand Huh? It’s supposed to be spring in October, but as a kiwi, I think it is very wise to knit your niece a scarf! As for the blue merino, a shawl maybe…?

Kiwi? like the fruit?

She said something about being able to ski & surf? I haven’t a clue – just so long as she comes home!!

A shawl… lovely idea – thanks!!

Its so fun to get those kind of surprises in the mail, isn’t it? Yay! (and I love to hear good experiences)

thanks Lisa_H-Town

I have ordered from kyarns before too and I think they are great - everything has always shipped so quickly and they have a really good selection to choose from.

k-yarns is great - they were the first place I ordered from, and they set my expectations high! I actually got to go the store in Vermont, and it was amazing! Rooms and rooms of yarn :inlove: - and my only previous store experiences were small single rooms.

So glad you had a positive experience!!

:cheering::happydance: for positive experiences!!!

The kiwifruit used to be called Chinese gooseberry but there has always been a lot of it grown in NZ.

There is a native bird here called the kiwi. Not found anywhere else. It’s our national symbol (pretty sad actually, it’s a little brown bird with a tubby arse, it has tiny stubby wings and can’t fly, it comes out at night to poke around for worms in the dirt, quite a pathetic symbol when you think of something like the American eagle as a symbol). So the word Kiwi became a noun and adjective, like American. A Kiwi is a New Zealander, and if you describe something as Kiwi, you mean it is from New Zealand (like Australian, American, Dutch, Kiwi).
So this New Zealand fruit is a Kiwi fruit. = kiwifruit (I understand though that Americans always refer to it as simply a kiwi? That’s the bird.) pronounced KEEweefruit, emphasis as in Majesty.

So the fruit is like us, not we’re like the fruit.

Oh, thanks so much for the background… I am going to forward the info to her…

Ahhh, explains French Kiwi’s comments (and name), for sure!! Confused much? No, not me…:rofling:

She and her BF are actually talking about moving there… they have even gone so far as to check to see if they have “desirable occupations”. Which they both do… Thus my comment about them “coming home”. I would be arrogant to think I totally understand how something like moving to another country transpires, but it still scares me… I just love her so much.

My DH and DS LOVE:heart: the fruit… I am not sure I have tried it… I figure let those that enjoy – enjoy.